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Team Coaching Program

10-12 months

from € 20.000,-

Whether your team is newly formed, going through change or seeking fresh perspective: it takes intentional effort to build a strong foundation of trust, align on a vision for the future and learn how to leverage your differences as a team's 'superpower'. 

Our Team Coaching Program is most suitable for Management teams or Functional leadership teams up to 10 people, and includes:    

  • Individual intake interviews with all team members

  • Online team intake survey

  • Customized session preparation

  • Check in with the team leader prior to each team session

  • Facilitation of team sessions (6 full days)

  • Team assignments between sessions

  • Online team reflection survey

Our didactic tools activate the whole brain, appreciate diversity in the team and lead to observable and sustainable outcomes.

What participants enjoy most about this program:

💫 Interactive and engaging

🧠 Variety in learning methods

🙋‍♀️ Adaptive to team needs

👔 Close to business practice

🤗 Safe learning environment

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