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Growing Your Impact is a boutique consultancy serving executives and entrepreneurs who aim for sustainable growth in consumer goods, food, retail, healthcare and professional services.


We support organizations ready to go 'next level' with engaging programs to reinforce their Brand, Business and Leadership capabilities.


Let's build inspiring brands, stronger teams and better business - with lasting impact at scale.


You Got This

Most companies were founded for a purpose beyond profit. To serve communities, to create a legacy, or to solve a problem. Today, many successful business models are being challenged for their societal and environmental impact. Good intent is not good enough: you will be measured by your actions.

Don’t change because you have to - change because you can. There is a business case for positive impact, and we’ll be happy to guide you through it. We start from where you are. We challenge you to dream big. We look for pains and gains, and we prioritize efforts to take focused action. 

We believe people want to do good. To do the right things, and to do things right. But most choices involve compromise, and it is not easy to decide what is right for your business. We help clarify your purpose and values, to serve as your compass. So you can feel confident to move forward, and inspire trust from your stakeholders.


Our Team

Growing Your Impact is a collaboration between experienced practitioners, rather than a traditional consultancy. Our goal is to create value for your business by unleashing your potential for positive impact. 

Ideally, we support you with an integrative approach that refreshes both your Brand strategy, Business model and Leadership culture – because we believe they are interdependent.

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Miranda van Gendt


Throughout her career Miranda has crafted and implemented new ways to humanize brands. Both on brand and on agency side, for multinational corporates as well as SME’s and start-ups. Miranda is a creative brand strategist who loves to surprise people with their own potential.

Linda Paeez

Managing Partner

Linda builds on extensive commercial leadership experience for global consumer brands. She has a deep and intuitive understanding how value can be created for all stakeholders. Linda combines strategic and leadership skills with a strong drive for results.

Mascha de Wildt


Mascha helps executives and their teams to adapt to an ever-changing environment. Her experience across HR, sales and digital marketing provide a unique perspective on successful business transformation. Mascha quickly cuts through complexity and loves problem-solving.


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